Europa Europa & The Knife - För alla namn vi inte får använda

Music Video, 03:45, 2014
«För alla namn vi inte får använda» a single from Europa Europa - an antinational cabaret about migration politics by the art group Ful with music by The Knife.  

Why do we build walls against heroes? With the cabaret Europa Europa and the song and music video «För alla namn vi inte får använda» by Europa Europa and The Knife we want to praise all those hundreds of thousands of people who defy the cameras, the deadly waters, the barbed wire, the violence and the compact political resistance, and make it across the external and internal borders of Europe every year.  Europa Europa premieres on the 1st of July in Almedalen, Gotland, during the political week of the election year.

Performances will be given on outdoor stages in various cities throughout Sweden up until the election in september, free of charge for all visitors. The cabaret Europa Europa is part of a movement that exists both within activism and academia, where individuals are trying to expose the human rights violations that are committed by Sweden and the EU every day.  

The song «För alla namn vi inte får använda» is a part of the cabaret and the lyrics will be handed out to the audience to sing along. In the music video you see the steps to the «Political Macarena» dance choreographed by the dance- and choreographygroup Dom Dugliga. Learn the steps and dance along!  

Music: The Knife
Lyrics: Nasim Aghili  

Music video made by: Director: Roxy Farhat
First Assistant Director: Ahang Bashi
DOP: Iga Mikler  

Choreography: Dom Dugliga
Colorist: Gabriel Knjetjled Watson
Focus Puller: Daniel Kask
Gaffer: Josefine Hinders, Pierre Sigfridsson
Grip: Adrian Wigerdal
Grip Assistant: Tobias Tuvehagen
Production Assistants: Kachna Baraniewicz, Edgar Blanco, Javier Vilar Ehrlin, Shane Mcullaugh, Elliot Foxprince, Anneli Carnelid, Maria Nyholm, Nioosha Shams, Joanna Ekström, Shakila Aschberg, Kristian Anshelm  

Grafic design: Parasto Backman & Bergen

Special thanks to Kameraten AB and Subtopia