Video, 28 min, 2016-2019
In collaboration with Iga Mikler and HUR  

Produced by Statens Konstråd / Public Art Agency Sweden.

This artwork and documentary is about the youth group HUR, and the personal stories of young people living in the neighbourhood of Holma in Malmö, Sweden. Holma is mostly made up of multi-storey housing blocks, and Roxy Farhat has worked closely with the young people and their families to create individual portraits of their lives.
The HUR youth organisation is run by young people aged 16 to 25, and focuses on youth development and health in a neighbourhood that is often categorised by the media as ‘dangerous’.  

In this film, these young people define their world, challenge stereotypes and work towards bringing social change.

This film is a result of Konst Händer (Art is Happening), a programme run by Public Art Agency Sweden, with the goal of fostering artistic expression in close collaboration with civil society organisations.